From Industry 4.0 to Commoditized Manufacturing

from industry 4.0 to commoditized manufacturing - image
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How 3-D technology helped surgeons separate conjoined twins

3dp surgeon

Sometimes technology advances are definitely a step forward for the entire human race.

Medical applications of 3D Printing inevitably underline how 3D Printing will have positive impacts on how humans may afford healthcare challenges in the future.

Fashion will be hit soon by 3D Printing potential


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A Matter of “Vision”



Alcoa to Supply 3D-Printed Metal Parts for Airbus Aircraft

This new has a devastating power and it demonstrates how industrial sectors can be completely re-shaped by the Additive Manufacturing. Alcoa enlarges its business and makes specific parts. And you can bet that this will change the entire sector supply chain.

Alcoa to Supply 3D-Printed Metal Parts for Airbus Aircraft

Do3D Develops Revolutionary Multi-side “MAP” 3D Printing Technology


The idea is so simple that really could impact over the entire 3DP industry. But while I can easily understand it applied to SLA, my old 50y/o brain has difficulties to apply it to technologies like SLS, DMLS or DLM. So that I am very anxious to look at details and to see this solution applied to other 3D Printing technologies. Anyway, an immediate benefit can be expected to industries that already adopted SLA technology Congratulations to the Do3D team.


IDC predicts global spending on 3D printing to grow at CAGR of 27% to $26.7 billion in 2019


⊗Despite certain 3D printing companies, such as 3D Systems, suffering financial losses, there is good news on the horizon for the 3D printing industry..

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Stryker Receives FDA Clearance for 3D Printed Spinal Fusion Device


⊗After a conference call in which the medical device giant announced an expanded use of metal 3D printing, Stryker has made even more progress..


Printing Vascular Tissue

⊗Printing vessel vasculature is essential for sustaining functional living tissues. Until now, bioengineers have had difficulty building thick tissues, lacking a method to..

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5 Key Advances for Metal Additive Manufacturing


⊗ Metal 3D printing has already seen a number of advancements in 2016. From the nanoscale to a $23.98M manufacturing facility, metal additive manufacturing (AM) is..

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