At Opera Fabri we think that technical skills are not sufficient to be a credible partner for our clients. We intend to sit down at the table with our clients because we talk about business and not only about production processes and techniques.

That’s why our team, in addition to the technical skills, includes management skills, industrial sectors and business process knowledge. 












We know the techniques, we help clients to design and engineer their products, we do rapid prototyping, yet we also propose ourselves as a main “industrial ally” able to help clients to manage all the themes related to the business change, new business scenarios, sales models to the consumer, digital technologies up to the production process itself.

Tailored Manufacturing means taking care of clients’ industrial and business struggles and adapting manufacturing to their needs. To do that, we make our inter-disciplinary knowledge portfolio available to the clients, and tailor it to their needs.

Our approach to Tailored Manufacturing includes experts and skills to support our client throughout the change. 

Let’s talk about business” in a three step approach:

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Idea & opportunity detailing


Industrial Platform identification

Product design & engineering

Industrial/Commercial model

Tailored Manufacturing Feasibility

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Technical / Financial Planning

Deal structure / Rules negotiation

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Contract execution


Production / Quality assurance

Industrial performance monitoring

Technical/Financial feasibility

Our experts can support the clients from the “first idea” to evaluate its feasibility from the technical (both product design and production platform) and financial perspective, for both client and Opera Fabri. We shape the team with the expertise that our clients require and can include experienced industrial designers, production and technology experts and industry professionals. The team works side-by-side with our clients’ people providing experience, knowledge, innovation and solutions from our multi-industry experience.


Our management and senior people have been directly involved in complex and very large outsourcing contracts definition and negotiation for more than 20years.

Managed Services are our “core business” and we have best in class experts for planning, contracts and executing Managed Service contracts taking care of our responsibilities and supporting our clients through the negotiation and contracting phases.


Managed Service is activated and manufacturing processes are executed under the contract agreements. We can:

  • produce your product or part of it
  • execute post-processing procedures
  • execute required finishing
  • execute quality assurance activities
  • monitor industrial performances as agreed
  • identify opportunities for further improvements
  • packaging
  • delivery to end buyer
  • and more and more…

You design. You sale. We manufacture for you.