“Tailored Manufacturing” for us means planning, designing, adapting and running manufacturing procedures that match our clients needs, to ease their industrial production with Managed Services that fit in the whole production chain.


Together with our clients we choose the most suitable Direct Manufacturing technology to their products and the manufacturing procedure that best integrates with their current production and industry requirements.


Like a tailored suit, we must take measurements. We do it looking at three main dimensions:

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Each specific industry ecosystem must be considered when a service is tailored. Industry regulatory constraints, the complexity of the entire industrial ecosystem and the organization of the ecosystem itself must be kept in mind in order to generate true efficiency and flexibility for our clients.

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While tailoring our Managed Services we consider our client’s culture, history and philosophy as well as its current supply chain model (internal and external), organization and the status of its current organization (e.g. readiness and potential constraints.)

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Product design, engineering and materials influence the production technology selection and the production flow. But even the way the product is personalized, the way it is sold, who the end buyer is, the expected sales volumes, are all parameters we have to consider to tailor our Manufacturing Services.


We configure our manufacturing engine on specific and unique client requirements. We execute manufacturing operations under the form of “Managed Services” generating advantages to our client in terms of investment savings, timing, operational flexibility.


Just give us the opportunity to explain how we can do it for you. Contact us: we need only a couple of hours with your management team to tell you what we can do and how we can do it for you.

THE PLATFORM: DDO Manufacturing

Direct, Distributed, On demand 

We provide our clients with distributed and on-demand production services by leveraging the “core” potential of Direct Manufacturing technologies and a network of geographically distributed production plants. Our Managed Services must be configured defining how clients want to distribute production and the type and frequency (On-demand) of production orders including operational rules, terms and conditions.

If your company has already adopted or is thinking of adopting Direct Manufacturing technologies, this is the right time to call us in order to understand how we can help you to be effective and concrete.

Our Manufacturing Managed Services is the way to avoid mistakes, to leverage our experience, to save investments and to be as fast as possible to achieve the planned results.

DDO Manufacturing is our industrial platform on which base we tailor the manufacturing services to our clients.

Direct Manufacturing

It’s about the technologies we use in our plants. Any type of Direct Manufacturing techniques and related finishing are optimized for your specific product. Manufacturing Technologies we use are typically Additive Manufacturing (i.e. FDM, SLS, SLA, SLM, EBM), CNC machinery, Bioprinting, Laser cutting, Water cutting end many others.


We can produce your parts in different geographic locations based on your requirements and we guarantee the same quality everywhere.

On-demand Production

We can mix the production schedule from a traditional volume based approach up to a pure on-demand and piece-by-piece one.