We believe that new manufacturing production models give mankind the chance to gain a truly sustainable world, with much less waste and a fairer distribution of wealth worldwide.

New materials


Eco sustainable


Minimum or null stock

Reduction of global shipments (miles out cutdown)

Making the best of raw materials and natural resources

A production which is spread throughout the consumers’ territories means building local workforces and maintaining the production value within its area, granting local wealth.


New production technologies imply both advantages and risks. Companies must deal with those elements through a systematic approach and must develop a plan structured along three paths:

The product’s cutting edge is based on innovative engineering enabled by the latest manufacturing techinques and by the possibility to build new business models founded on the customization of the product.

Stock costs, transportation costs, logistics performance in general are the known areas of potential operational efficiency adopting the Additive Manufacturing. But this is just the beginning. Just-in-time services, operational flexibility can contribute to manage the winds of change that are buiding up and intensifying and to face the complexity of competition in manufacturing industries.

Companies can make the best of investments without sacrificing any skills or resources that could currently be precious for the operational needs of day by day competition.

Any product company must assess how the industry will be impacted and potentially reshaped by the third industrial revolution and include those considerations within its technology adoption plans to gain market advantages. Acquiring and keeping up with technology mustn’t be taken for granted, especially if that technology holds the potential to modify the functional platforms of the whole industry sector.


At Opera Fabri, we have the people, the infrastructures and the experience in manufacturing operations to accelerate clients’ plans and ideas fulfillment.

We help clients to achieve the industrial operation efficiency very soon, impacting product COGS, the learning curve timing, the amount of the required investments; we enable them to be productive in a very short time. “Manufacturing” execution Managed Services is our job.